Heritage Planning: Principles and Process

This new book provides a comprehensive overview of heritage planning (historic preservation planning) as an area of professional practice. It begins with the context and principles of heritage planning, including land-use law, planning practice, and international heritage doctrine, all set within the framework of larger societal issues such as sustainability and ethics. The book then takes readers through the pragmatic processes of heritage practice, including collecting data, identifying community opinion, determining heritage significance, best practices for creating a conservation plan, and managing change.

Heritage Planning recognizes changing approaches to heritage conservation, particularly the shift from the conservation of physical fabric to the new emphasis on retaining values, associations and stories that historic places hold for their communities.

It is essential reading for professionals who manage change within the built environment and students of heritage conservation and historic preservation.

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Exploring Vancouver

Written by Harold Kalman and Robin Ward, with more than 400 new colour photographs by John Roaf, Exploring Vancouver: The Architectural Guide was published in May 2012 by Douglas & McIntyre, in both hard copy and as an e-book. An account of new and old buildings and landscapes, the book tells the stories of Vancouver through the built environment. Each of the 14 chapters is a self-guided tour with an easy-to-follow map. Useful for walking, cycling, or driving and also as an armchair guide, Exploring Vancouver is thoroughly indexed and will have lasting reference value. The has been endorsed by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. It was shortlisted for the BC Book Prize and won an award from the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals. The Vancouver Sun describes the photographs as ‘stunning’ and the text as ‘compelling’. This is the fourth, entirely rewritten and reorganized, edition of Exploring Vancouver. The first edition (by Kalman and Roaf) was published in 1974 by the University of British Columbia Press.

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A History of Canadian Architecture

Highly acclaimed for its depth and readability, and winner of the Canadian Historical Association’s Sir John A. Macdonald Prize, A History of Canadian Architecture, by Harold Kalman, is the authoritative account of the development of Canadian building. The two-volume book was published by Oxford University Press in 1994. It treats the Canadian built environment topically and chronologically, from before European contact to the end of the 20th century. The book is out of print, but is often available from major booksellers and used-book specialists.

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A Concise History of Canadian Architecture

The two-volume book was abridged, updated, and re-issued in a single volume by Oxford University Press in 2000 as A Concise History of Canadian Architecture (hardcover) and A History of Canadian Architecture: Concise Edition (paperback). The concise version lacks the endnotes and some sections that were in the first edition, but remains a highly enjoyable and comprehensive history of building in Canada. It, too, is out of print but can often be found in bookstores.

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The Evaluation of Historic Buildings

This widely used manual on building evaluation, published by Parks Canada in 1979, describes the method for determining the significance of historic places that forms the basis for the systems used by Canada’s Federal Heritage Buildings Review Office, several provinces, many Canadian municipalities, and several American cities. Kalman initially devised the grading system while working with buildings in Vancouver’s Gastown and Chinatown historic districts. The methodology is fully adaptable to the ideas of values-centred conservation. It is particularly useful when an evaluation addresses a considerable number of historic places with the intention that the outcomes be fully transparent and defensible. Parks Canada provides a free PDF download of this long out-of-print classic.

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Exploring Ottawa

Harold Kalman and John Roaf, the collaborators for Exploring Vancouver, combined to produce Exploring Ottawa: An Architectural Guide to the Nation’s Capital, featuring ten tours for walking, skating, bicycling, or driving. The official guidebook of the Ottawa Society of Architects, it was published in 1983 by the University of Toronto Press. The book treats old and new buildings alike, and includes an excursion into the Gatineau hills. Exploring Ottawa has long been out of print, although it often appears in used-booksellers’ lists. Kalman, architectural historian Andrew Waldron, and architectural photographer and historian Peter Coffman have begun work on a new edition of Exploring Ottawa, which will be published in 2016. It has received financial support from the City of Ottawa and the Canada Council for the Arts.